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... Can you see All characters properly?

Test of special Norwegian characters - posted by Jan Henrik -
æøå ÆØÅ
Testing - posted by d2s -
Just testing this Writeback-feature.
Safari 1.1 - posted by A -
Looks good in Safari 1.1.
- posted by avi - 2004/03/07 05:36:32
Umlauts - posted by ile - 2004/03/07 06:04:50
a & A with dots: ä Ä
o & O with dots: ö Ö
a & A with ring: å Å
hey - posted by Stuart Allen - 2004/03/11 12:42:53
Looks good...
hi - posted by mecca - 2004/03/11 18:12:31
It seems that you have a updated version of writeback, which has the post time recorded.
てしと - posted by ごん - 2004/04/04 01:13:39
хуй!! - posted by груз - 2004/04/05 08:38:52
чи працюють букви?

хуй хуй хуууй!!!
h3 tags should be h1 - posted by Halvard Halvorsen - 2005/01/01 06:13:07
thanks for your excellent theme(s) which I am
using as a basis for my new project.

I am breaking it down to a flavour instead,
to get control over the different elements and
to make it easier to switch stylesheets (and because I could not get it to work outside $blosxom)).

While your XHTML validates as strict it isn't -
all those h3 tags used throughout are really
TOP level (h1) headers, especially the ones for each individual blogentry.


These are logical divisions in the content of your document, and are not meant to define the look and style of the contents.

And the logical header for each individual entry is a h1 tag for the article's title.
hmmm... - posted by avo - 2005/01/01 15:18:46
I see you said. Nmm.. I intend to take a measure after survey. Thanks for your useful suggestion!
hmmm... - posted by Victor Marks - 2005/01/30 10:46:14
ויקטור מרקס
testing my name in Hebrew.

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