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ドレミ ノ テレビ (DOREMI no TEREBI)

The music program "ドレミノテレビ" is for elementary students that study sound and rhythm via TV. Figuratively speaking, like "Sesame Street". It's noteworthy chiefly for sing, chant, dance the local folk song in Japan and the folk music in world-wide. especially check it out, following song list and attention over "My Rating: ★★★".

Now this! As singer "UA". She is currently the most versatile singer in Japan. her song is smooth, soulful, jazzy, and accomplished. So cool!

If you have time and broadband, please click the following url and enjoy the music video (require RealPlayer).


(the songs moving from one century to the next)

曲: 『もりのくまさん』
歌: UA & 山口とも
訳詞: 馬場祥弘
作曲: アメリカ民謡 (American folk)
編曲: 青柳拓次
My Rating: ★★

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Like it also - posted by Nelson - 2004/12/16 23:28:17
I like Doremi no Terebi also. I think the singer UA is fabulous. She looks great and dances well also.


山中與幽人對酌 李白

Classical Chinese Poem by Li Bai (701~762)

Table TAG




It's different from Each Chinese character subtlety. Essentially the original is made in China.

Not all about the poemtry - posted by mecca -
I found your blog because of your great theme.

And actually, I read Chinese. This is really a great poemtry which I've studied since a child.
How to use blosxom in Chinese - posted by andrea - 2004/04/08 15:32:18
Hi, I'm trying to figure out how you blog with Blosxom in both Chinese and English. I'm at a complete loss how to do it. Help!
- posted by avo - 2004/04/08 23:16:13
OK, andrea.
First, you need the editor to entry your blog. It has the function of writing at Unicode (eg. UTF-8). It ibrings you using Multi-Language. And, You will upload by Binary-mode(?) via FTP, just then it will be displayed on your blowser.

As reference:


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Recent movie

Izutsu-kantoku FINAL DESTINATION 2 (2002) apple trailers

First, I wanted to come out outside, specially the city. Formerly I fancied to "Ali Larter". But this time she look older. I thought that she is similar to "Diana Krall". You think so, too?

At once, this movie is ill-natured, and will stick at me for a long time (but I was giggle each time someone was dead. Why?).

This movie was not satisfactory for me. But If you were car user, I encourage as the prevention of traffic accident. Than THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS 1 & 2 (2001/2003)

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