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山中與幽人對酌 李白

Classical Chinese Poem by Li Bai (701~762)

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It's different from Each Chinese character subtlety. Essentially the original is made in China.

Not all about the poemtry - posted by mecca -
I found your blog because of your great theme.

And actually, I read Chinese. This is really a great poemtry which I've studied since a child.
How to use blosxom in Chinese - posted by andrea - 2004/04/08 15:32:18
Hi, I'm trying to figure out how you blog with Blosxom in both Chinese and English. I'm at a complete loss how to do it. Help!
- posted by avo - 2004/04/08 23:16:13
OK, andrea.
First, you need the editor to entry your blog. It has the function of writing at Unicode (eg. UTF-8). It ibrings you using Multi-Language. And, You will upload by Binary-mode(?) via FTP, just then it will be displayed on your blowser.

As reference:

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