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Blosxom's themes: iztsu & graffitti


I dedicate these themes to Blosxom's users all over the world.

And I hope that these help you to customize your sweet Blosxom blog.


  • Unicode (UTF-8)
  • Valid XHTML 1.1
  • Multiple theme set; including html (writeback), wikieditish, trackback, rss
  • Tableless (excluding calendar)
  • Font-sizes scaling by Percentage (visitor has control)
  • Consequently, 7 plugins following:
    1. Rael's theme.
      This is a minimum request.
    2. Miyagawa's wikieditish.
      You can send TrackBack ping.
    3. Fletcher's Writebackplus.
      Features: to Leave comment, display recent writebacks, easy-antispam, leave post-time etc.
    4. Todd's categories.
      Display category and breadcrumb menu.
    5. Struan's storytitle.
      Display story title at TITLE of head.
    6. Rael's foreshortened.
      Using RSS's output.
    7. Bob's lastmodified.
      Using RSS's output.
  • Additionally as my suggestion, require 5 plugins following:
    1. Nagashima's paging.
      It provides "Page 1/3: 1 2 3 › »", like Google search result.
    2. Nagashima's back_and_forth.
      It provides "« previous page | next page »", like a individual page on Movable Type.
    3. Todd's calendar.
      Display entry's day at calendar.
    4. Brian's archives.
      Display by the year and month on sidebar.
    5. Fletcher's entriescache.
      Your blosxom speed up processing. Before using, please delete the relative caches on plugin's state.
  • Now, as a my another suggestion about helpful plugins; Seemore, Google_highlight, Find, Markdown. Those are satisfactory options.

By the way, all of the flavours comprised in above plugins are not required. Please remember it. And "iztsu & graffitti" are not flavour files! They are files as a theme's set for theme plugin. The distinction of them is only left or right, The HTML structures are all same, the CSS structures are only different.


  1. First, this theme requires theme plugin. You ready? And this theme places your themes directory.
    • e.g. $theme_dir = "/your/directory/here/themes/graffitti"
    • e.g. $theme_dir_url = "http://your/url/here/themes/graffitti"
  2. Completed! Mnn... theme plugin is too fast too simple than setting flavour files!
    If you customize background-images, see this site: squidfingers. Remarkable patterns!


CSS structure Customize more, please imagine from the page and stylesheets with CSS structure image. Please pay attention to entrie's number therefore reduction of HTML rendering time.

Directory structure

This structure is sample to confirm.

  |- blosxom/
       |- blosxom.cgi   :if possible to set permission "700".
       |- plugins/ :if possible to set permission "700".
       |    |- state/
       |    |
       |    |  required plugins
       |    |- 1. theme   :minimum request, need to configure
       |    |- 2. foreshortened   :no config, only put
       |    |- 3. storytitle   :no config, only put
       |    |- 4. categories   :no config, only put
       |    |- 5. lastmodified   :no config, only put
       |    |- 6. writebackplus   :need to configure
       |    |- 7. wikieditish   :need to configure
       |    |
       |    |  useful plugins
       |    |- 1. archives   :no config, only put
       |    |- 2. calendar   :no config, only put
       |    |- 3.  paging   :no config, only put
       |    |- 4. back_and_forth   :no config, only put
       |    |- 5. entriescache   :need to configure
       |- data/   :if use theme-plugin, no need all flavours.
       |    |- hogehoge.txt
       |    |- hagehage.txt
       |    |- sample/
       |         |- higehige.txt
       |- themes/
            |- graffitti/
                 |- html/ -- page
                 |- rss/ -- page
                 |- trackback/ -- page
                 |- wikieditish/ -- page
                 |- style/
                       |- common.css
                       |- default.css
                       |- images/
                             |- background.jpg
                             |- entry.jpg
                             |- favicon.ico

About categories plugin

It would seem that This Plugin version (via blosxom.com) is so old. Please use the newest version. Check it out http://molelog.molehill.org/blox/Computers/Internet/Web/Blosxom/Categories/.

Customized Samples

customize01 | customize02 | customize03


TPJ | torus solutions! | Shibuya Perl Mongers | C.G.I.::blosxom | hail2u.net | 多言語同時処理室 | Designing With Web Standards | raelity bytes | Area Gray Unio::Blog

... good job, and wonderful!

About archives plugin

Now cannot get archives plugin, because its blog is closed. And this plugin had a bug.

From Aivars's comments on this blog:
year's "li" tag isn't closed when you have entries for more than one year. Below is my patch. If it's not readable, blame writeback plugin.

Changed points

< $results .= "$indent$indent</ul>\n";
> $results .= "$indent$indent</ul>\n$indent</li>\n";
< $results .= "$indent</li>\n</ul>\n";
> $results .= "</ul>\n";


note: Its author is Brian Akins. Greatful.

If you want it, download here.

"archives" plugin is not valid XHTML - posted by Aivars -
year's "li" tag isn't closed when you have entries for more than one year. Below is my patch. If it's not readable, blame writeback plugin.

< $results .= "$indent$indent\n";
> $results .= "$indent$indent\n$indent\n";
< $results .= "$indent\n\n";
> $results .= "\n";
- posted by avo -
I'm grad you posted. Your patch is working good, valid! Thank you.
- posted by andrew j - 2004/10/27 17:26:37

Looks great! But I'm having getting the writebackplus plugin working with your theme. Is there any extra configuration needed???

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