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About paginate_simple plugin

The derivational history of paginate plugin:

 paginate plugin in blosxom.com
     |                :Provides page navigation with previous/next links
     |-- yoshitaka  :Customized by 棚からパルチャギ
     |-- paginate  :Fixed-up by Hail2u.net
            |- paginate  :Held-out by Yu-ji's blog
            |- paginate_simple  :Souped-up by Hail2u.net ...once again!
                  |- paginate_simple (modified for here) 
                                     :Now using on this theme. i.e "« Prev | Next »"

As reference: blosxom.org,  It seems like a mercy for me!
As alternative: more-entries plugin

About in-use paginate_simple:

Its author is Nagashima-san, Hail2u.net - blosxom plugins. Good job, thank you!

Only add "$paginate_simple::prev$paginate_simple::next", it provides "« Prev | Next »".

As the subspecies of "paginate_simple plugin", I just modified only the looking etc specifically for these themes...


This was modified only the looking etc than original.
note: Its author is Nagashima-san.

download paginate_simple.



Now using paging-plugin & back_and_forth-plugin. Please check it.

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