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graffitti graffitti
View: html (writeback) | wikieditish | rss

update: 2005-01-09

download: graffitti.zip

iztsu iztsu
View: html (writeback) | wikieditish | rss

update: 2005-01-09

download: iztsu.zip


update: 2005-01-09

  • Added lastmodified plugin to output RSS2.0. By the way, There's no need to configure this plugin.
  • Added paging plugin & back_and_forth plugin plugin. There's no need to configure this plugin, too.
  • Changed RSS1.0 to RSS2.0
  • Fixed html page. Thanks for Halvard Halvorsen's useful suggestion ("h3 tags should be h1").
  • Delete index page. because RSS exists.
  • Consequently, 7 plugins following:
    1. Rael's theme.
      This is a minimum request.
    2. Miyagawa's wikieditish.
      You can send TrackBack ping.
    3. Fletcher's Writebackplus.
      Features: to Leave comment, display recent writebacks, easy-antispam, leave post-time etc.
    4. Todd's categories.
      Display category and breadcrumb menu.
    5. Struan's storytitle.
      Display story title at <TITLE>.
    6. Rael's foreshortened.
      Using RSS's output.
    7. Bob's lastmodified.
      Using RSS's output.
  • Additionally as a popular suggestion, require 5 plugins following:
    1. Nagashima's paging.
      It provides "Page 1/3: 1 2 3 › »", like Google search result.
    2. Nagashima's back_and_forth.
      It provides "« previous page | next page »", like a individual page on Movable Type.
    3. Todd's calendar
      Display entry's day at calendar. (however, I don't like it much. hem.)
    4. Brian's archives.
      Display by the year and month on sidebar. (however, I don't like it much, too.)
    5. Fletcher's entriescache.
      Your blosxom speed up processing. Before using, please delete the relative caches on plugin's state.
  • All of the flavours comprised in above plugins are not required. Please remember it.
  • Now, as a my another suggestion about helpful plugins; Seemore, Google_highlight, Find, Markdown. Those are satisfactory options.


  • I had made a mistake about favicon's URL.
  • And, cleaned the deadwood (Javascript) at theme. Thanks the report. かんにんな


  • Added trackback (response for trackback) at theme. I have forgot this until now. Sorry.
  • Modified rss's page at theme.


Update history:


  • For sending Trackback, added this Wikieditish plugin modified by miyagawa-san. Then deleted Rael's Wikieditish plugin (original). This source was provided by Unio::Blog. Thank you!
    By the way, about [POST by Bookmarklet] via Miyagawa's bookmarklet plugin), Apple's Safari did not run good with Javascript. If you don't need it, please delete it. No problem!
  • Added Fletcher's Writebackplus and deleted Rael's Writeback plugin (original).
  • So, deleted theme/writeback/page. No need to link .writeback any more.
  • Added Calendar plugin. (but I don't like it much. hem.)
  • Update Paginate_simple plugin in connection with updating Paginate_simple v1.2 by nagashima-san.
  • More simple, more easy to customize css & page. Look source.


  • Update Paginate_simple.
  • Made looking well index page (.index).
  • Highlighted writeback title.


  • More simply looking about header and footer.
  • Added a document "How to Install.html" in ZIP.
  • Added a decoration for <blockquote>TAG in stylesheets.
  • Added a decoration for <dt>TAG and <dd>TAG in stylesheets.
  • Widened "line-height" a little in stylesheets.



  • The result of considering Categories Plugin 0+4i, I did change and delete on the parts of Breadcrumb. therefore no need Breadcrumb Plugin, and need the newest version of Categories Plugin. Only delete Breadcrumb Plugin, and rechange Categories Plugin. It isn't necessary to configure the plugin.
  • Sometimes it happened the rendering miss of HTML on some browsers. So I reshuffled columns(side-bar) and content(enties of blog) about HTML structure.

there is no warranty for these themes. And I guarantee your freedom to share and change free for all its users.

wikieditish+bookmarkletに対応させました - posted by Unio::Blog -
I've improved iztsu::wikieditish::page source code. If you use this page fuke and "wikieditish + bookmarklet" plugin, you can send trackback ping!
- posted by mecca - 2004/02/09 00:29:52
I just love your theme. Would you like to put a logo of your own such as "designed by graffitti"?
- posted by avo - 2004/02/09 03:21:45
謝謝您的讚賞! 不需要您的担心. 我喜欢您的自由了.
A little problem with RSS - posted by mecca - 2004/04/09 23:55:19
When I used RSS Reader to syndicate my blog, I found there was no description of each of my article. Finally, I downloaded foreshortened from blosxom, and it works! So I suggest to put this plugin into your list. :)
- posted by gh - 2004/06/22 06:21:42
I've been studying the graffiti theme and enjoying it immensely.
I noticed a small bug in the calendar, the arrow that should take you to the previous month actually skips back two.
about a small bug in the calendar - posted by avo - 2004/06/22 18:38:45
I didn't entry between May. So no problem.
- posted by Martin - 2004/07/13 08:49:14
Hi, very keen to get the theme working, I am stumbling over permissions (I think..)
Apache runs as nobody/nobody. Generally the folders are set 755 and all files owned by root.root. Changing owner does not help...

Tips greatly appreciated.

With 666 on both the css's this happens:
[error] [client] file permissions deny server execution: /var/www/cgi-bin/themes/iztsu/style/common.css

with 755 or 777
[error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /var/www/cgi-bin/themes/iztsu/style/common.css
about the theme-file's directory - posted by avo - 2004/07/13 10:19:42
I think, there is no need to set a theme-file on "~/cgi-bin/". How is setiing on static directory?
- posted by Martin - 2004/07/13 17:51:47
Thanks for that, will put them static. The thing that worries me more though is that the css's are not read/includes. Therefore all the styles have no effect sadly, sadly... Currently moving house. I'll have the system at the new house soon and then post the address.
- posted by Martin - 2004/07/13 19:37:43
Sorry about the double post. I pressed reload (Opera). Not my day today...

drwxrwxrwx 3 root root 152 Jul 13 11:12 state/
in that is:
-rw-r--r-- 1 nobody nobody 14995 Jul 13 11:16 .calendar.cache
-rw-r--r-- 1 nobody nobody 2368 Jul 13 11:16 .categories.cache
drwxrwxrwx 3 root root 72 Jul 13 11:16 writeback/

- posted by avo - 2004/07/13 22:50:52
First, regardless of Blosxom's work, it's necessary to read css. And UTF-8 supports Perl 5.x or higher. Also I suppose the need to revalidate about Apache's action.
Now I can't read your css. Maybe it's no available except CGI,
But it's shown here.
Really, about css's permissions I don't take on a difficult setting.
If possible I recommend to check it on another server.
Secondly, to check about theme-plugin's work, just put only theme-plugin in plugin folder.
Good luck.
- posted by Martin - 2004/07/14 05:30:10
Thanks for the hints! I solved it by moving all except blosxom.cgi into the htdocs (html) folder. For some reason Apache does not want to handle the files when they are in cgi-bin. It appears it has to do with the xhtml headers as the standard blosxom flavours are ok. Did some further testing to find out the reason and looked through Apache config but could not determine the reason. Thanks again!
What about a search plugin? - posted by Amnesiac - 2005/01/11 06:23:00
First of all... congrats! great job in graffitti theme, it's clean and beautiful.

Is there a way that you can use a search plugin for it?
Re: What about a search plugin? - posted by avo - 2005/01/11 07:19:07
Well, I recommend find plugin.
If you use it, please open "theme/html/page", and add $find::searchform anywhere around a column of sidebar, and finally add $find::results somewhere around story.
Thanks a comment.

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